Solution for Distributors

  • Manage and monitor complex multi-tier distribution channel and network. Enable seamless collaboration between channel and network partners.

  • Gain real-time visibility to stock levels and supply chain activities within your entire distribution network.

  • Facilitate collaborative sourcing between your network partners (distributors, retailers, etc.) Reduce stockouts while reducing stock levels in your network.

  • Enforce security rules to grant/restrict access to information. Partners can view/operate only on what they are authorized to!

  • Track and trace product attributes such as Batch number, Serial number and Expiration date. Keep a close watch on time-sensitive products.

  • Leverage our powerful Task Engine to enforce processes. Enable supervisors to assign, track and monitor Supply Chain activities.

  • Feature-rich barcode based Inventory Management functions on Mobile devices and Web browsers.

  • Trace the lifecycle of an Item through the entire distribution network. Gain insights into movements and trends.

  • Motivate your partners to sell more! Manage effectiveness of your network by setting targets and closely monitoring those.

  • 100% Cloud based solution. Zero maintenance overhead for you - leave all the Infrastructure and Application maintenace headache to us.

  • Android Mobile App specifically designed for your workforce on the move.

  • Integrate our solution with your existing ERP seamlessly. Or, for starters, utilize it as a standalone solution.

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